Training & Development

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In order to prepare students to enter the workforce or further their education, college programs should provide experiences that go beyond chemistry knowledge alone to develop other critical skills necessary for effective and productive professionals. Strategies for helping students acquire skill sets needed for successful careers include offering courses dedicated to student skills, integrating student-skill-focused activities into regular curricular offerings, and engaging students in research and internship experiences. Regardless of the approaches used, programs should also assess student skills and adjust the curriculum as needed to maximize their development.

Students should learn skills associated with identifying and pursuing employment opportunities, such as networking, resume-writing, and interviewing. Students should be cognizant of and prepared for the conditions they will experience upon employment. Activities such as internships, research, job-shadowing, job-based simulations, and mentorships can provide the necessary exposure; programs should identify these or other opportunities that will best serve the long-term career interests of their students.